The Sacred Valley is between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

It was very appreciated by the Incas for its excellent climate, the fertile lands and the waters of the sacred river of the Incas, the Vilcanota (in Quechua, something sacred or wonderful), which upstream, in the Urubamba Town, it is renamed as Urubamba river.

The Sacred Valley has wonderful Andean landscapes and some of its inhabitants, still preserve many traditions and ancestral rites. In this place the travelers can appreciate the technological development reached by the Incas in agriculture through farming terraces.

It was one of the main production sites of Cusco, for the richness of the land, and because it produces the best maize (corn) in Peru. Therefore the Valley is one of worship centers of Pachamama (Mother Earth).

You can access it from the Cusco City through the road or railway.




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