Pumamarca is composed of a variety of architectural structures as platforms, enclosures, roads, canals, and among the most attractive, the Qolqas.

Pumamarka archeological site is located to the north side of the Ollantaytambo Archeological area at a distance of 6.0 km. Moved about on a hill; Archaeological Site of Pumamarka consists of several architectural components within which we can mention qolqas to the bottom, while towards the top can show a series of enclosures of rectangular plant of up to two levels and some of them rustic rig.

Around the square a room facing north that has fine with 2 access openings presents rig additionally has other rooms that are rustic rig, which show evidence of clay plaster mortar, the whole sector is flanked by staggered by a wall morphology that in certain sectors reaches a height of 5.00 meters


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